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Gelatin for Weight Loss and More


One of the secrets to sticking to a diet or weight loss plan is taking care of those hunger pangs and cravings that arise between meal times. Remember all those jiggly jello commercials with Bill Cosby and too cute kids? Well, they were onto something. Jello and gelatin desserts can are a low fat, low calorie treat we can all enjoy whether trying to lose weight or not.

Types of Gelatin

First of all, there are many types of gelatin, but regardless of whether or not it is a name brand, it is still gelatin. Of course, sugar free varieties are the best choice. There are also gelatins that are made with animal proteins or plant proteins. Read the label to determine the best gelatin for you.

Weight Loss

According to WebMD, gelatin helps with weight loss. It is believed to help promote weight loss due to the amino acid, arginine, which boosts your metabolism. If you boost your metabolism, weight loss will ensue. Gelatin is also fat free.


Gelatin also contains lysine which is another amino acid that is beneficial to the body. Lysine is responsible for promoting muscle growth.


Although gelatin contains protein, it is not beneficial unless consumed with other high protein foods that help burn fat. For example, eating gelatin in conjunction with lean meat, eggs, poultry or fish will increase the protein absorption in the body. Adding cheese to your gelatin will increase the absorption of the protein found in cheese.


Gelatin also helps the digestive tract break down foods that would otherwise be difficult to break down. For example, beans and dairy are very hard for many people to digest. However, if you eat gelatin after consuming these foods, the stomach will have an easier time breaking these foods down.

Nails and Hair

You may be aware that gelatin will help strengthen your nails and hair. This is also due to the high amounts of protein found in gelatin. Again, for maximum absorption eat gelatin with high protein foods.

Experiment with gelatin recipes or stick with the traditional gelatin flavors. Regardless of your favorite gelatin flavor, you can relax in knowing that gelatin contains less than 25 calories making it a great snack alone or in your weight loss recipes and meals.

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